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Online auction sites effectively remove limits from selling to other people. As a seller, you no longer have to worry about distance or renting space to sell your goods. You can become an entrepreneur and list your merchandise at your desired price and sell in a virtual open marketplace.

With more people shopping online, the number of buyers and sellers using online auction sites is reaching the millions.

HyperionProducsInc.com was started with the idea of creating an online auction site that focused on building a powerful community where people are empowered to buy and sell items.  Simplicity is our specialty.

What Makes HyperionProductsInc.com (HPI) Different

Our Customers Matter: We are here because of and for you, our valuable customers. We realize that if there is anything we cannot afford to skimp on it’s customer service. This “About Us” page should really be called “About You” because that’s really what this site is all about. Many companies say this, but we live it!

Simplicity: Keeping HyperionProductsInc.com simple has been our goal since day one. We have an easy-to-use listing form and provide simple time-saving templates for listing multiple and similar items.

HyperionProductsInc.com: The way most auction sites are designed makes it possible for bidders to be “sniped” out of a winning bid by someone who waits until the last second and quickly outbids them. Our site works more like a real auction in that as long as there is live bidding (within last minute) and at least two bidders then the auction is extended (1 minute 15 seconds) which gives bidders a chance to win an item back and helps sellers get the maximum amount for their goods.

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