Babe Ruth Professional Model Cork Grip Game Used Bat

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This is your opportunity to own this 1922-30 Louisville Slugger professional model 40k cork grip Babe Ruth bat shows outstanding game use with ball marks and cleat marks while remaining uncracked. The bat measures 36 inches and weighs 40.2 ounces, both of which perfectly match Babe Ruth’s personal H&B ordering records for the era. Per Ruth’s ordering records from 1922-30, his preferred bat was 35-36 inches and weighed approximately 40 ounces. This bat is truly “Ruthian” given the length and weight.  This bat is a 40k with kork grip handle. There is one factory record of Ruth ordering kork grip bats, in 1923 (typo in Mears letter regarding this; in the Mears letter it states the order was placed in 1921). There is no claim that this bat was from this order.  Factory records are incomplete for this era (they are missing altogether for 1924) and more 40k cork grip bat orders may have been placed by Ruth, and/or by the team. Use of this bat by Ruth cannot be confirmed. The bat is accompanied by a MEARS Letter of Authenticity grading the bat an A 5 overall. It was given a base grade of 5 with 3 points added for use characteristics and had 1 point each deducted for missing handle kork, deadwood on reverse and divots. I am told the bat could be restored up to a GU 7 if a collector was so motivated to do so. At present, the bat has no restoration whatsoever.
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